SCANDEM General Assembly

SCANDEM General Assembly will be held on Wednesday 7th June, 11:00 – 12:00 am, in the lecture room HT-105. Members are encouraged to attend the GA and non-members are also invited.
In this GA,  we will also present the summary of preparation of the next European Microscopy Congress (EMC-2020) in Copenhagen. This is the second time SCANDEM is hosting EMC, the 17th European Microscopy Congress in 2020. The first one SCANDEM hosted was in 1956, or 61 years ago, and that congress was indeed the first one in Europe, t​he 1st EMC (the 1st European Regional Conference on Electron Microscopy), held in Stockholm, Sweden.
SCANDEM, the Nordic Microscopy Society (, initially founded as the Scandinavian Society for Electron Microscopy in 1948, has served for nearly 70 years as an active organization focusing on advances in microscopy and its applications in materials and life sciences, now covering also light microscopy and scanning probe techniques. The society has approximately 300 members from universities, research institutes and industries. In order to promote knowledge of microscopy in this environment, SCANDEM coordinates a number of activities, including meetings, courses and workshops. The society’s annual meeting/conference is organized by a local committee alternating between the Nordic countries. The 2017 annual meeting is hosted by the University of Iceland.
During the GA meeting you will hear for the first time about SCANDEM 2018 !!
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