Presentation Guidelines

Presentation guidelines

Oral presentation: Please prepare lecture in a commonly used format, such as power point, and bring it to the conference preferably in a USB memory stick. Please upload your lecture into the desktop of the presentation computer in the respective room (see programme at Upload your lecture during the break prior to your session. If your talk includes movie or video clip, please upload and test in the evening before the day of your talk. During the closing ceremony on Thursday before lunch, two best-lecture awards will be presented to students.

Oral presentations are of different length, but most talks in parallel sessions are 15 minutes each. Please therefore prepare your talk such that it will be shorter, for example 12 min, to allow 3 min for questions and comments. The same applies to 30-min talks, i.e. allow 5 min for questions or comments. On the contrary, keynote lecture has its full time slot, most often 40 min, plus 5-10 min introduction and discussion.


Poster presentation: Posters will be displayed throughout the whole period of the conference. All posters should be setup during the registration session on Monday 5th June, from 15:00 pm onwards, and may be disassembled during the lunch hour on Thursday 8th June. Presenters are requested to attend to their posters during the poster sessions (see programme at During the closing ceremonyon Thursday before lunch, two best-poster awards will be presented.

Maximum poster size is 84.1 cm width x 118.7 cm height (max size A0). Poster should be prepared in one piece, not fragmented, because poster will be hung on wall with strings and clips. Poster holster or case, with name tag, may be stored behind SCANDEM desk in the trade exhibition room.

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