Dr. YuBin Zhang

Affiliation: Section for Materials Science and Advanced Characterization, Department of Wind Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Risø Campus, Roskilde 4000, Denmark


Scientific interests

My research has focused on understanding the microstructure-processing-property relationship for metallic materials forthe development of advanced materials by microstructural design. Several advanced 2D/3D/4D techniques, including electron microscopy and synchrotron X-ray microscopy, are used for characterization of materials microstructures and to follow their evolution during processing, e.g. during deformation and annealing. I am particularly interested in 3D/4D non-destructive techniques using high-energy X-rays, which provide a completely new opportunityfor 3D/4D characterization of local (micrometer scale)structural details inside opaque materials. This type of characterization was not possible ten years ago, and has recently led tomajor breakthroughs in scientific understanding.My main research topics include nucleation and grain boundary migration during recrystallization, grain growth after recrystallization, and microstructural evolution during plastic deformation. In 2015, I have started work to measure local internal stresses using synchrotron X-ray techniques to understand their importancefor material properties. In the last two years, I have also focused on developing a new laboratory-based high-energy X-ray characterization technique, LabDCT, which is implemented in anX-ray µ-CT system, and can provide 4D non-destructive structural characterizations. If this technique can be implemented, I foreseen it will have a large impact on materials science in general as it is can bring 4D experiments, which today can only be done at international synchrotron facilities, to the local laboratories.


Title of talk: Synchrotron X-ray Microscopy for Materials Science: 4D Characterization


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